Bankroll Excel Spread Sheet

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YearPt1 & YearPt2 are the tabs where you will enter in you numbers. (See example below)


Hopefully the columns are labeled clearly. B-G can be edited to however many sites you play on.
Just check to make sure that the formula in Total BR cells is updated to only include the sites you have
listed and the “Money not on a site”. “Money not on a site” is for any amount of money that you may have on
Neteller, in a savings account, etc. (EX. Jan 5th money is withdrawn from Party and is moved to not being on a site.)

“Change” – automatically give the difference between today’s BR total and yesterday’s. By filling in the site
end of day totals using their cashier window, you can use this to check if PT missed any hands.

“Hands/day” – get this from PT when you use the preferences to filter for that day’s play.

“Total Hands” – running count of the number of hands you have played.
The row at the end of each month – The value in the Change column is the net for that month. The value in the
Hands/day column is the average hands played per DAY IN WHICH YOU PLAYED. (Ex. if you play 10 hands on Jan 1,
but nothing for the rest of the month, this value will be 10.) The value in the Total Hands column is the net
for that month.

The Bonus Section – This is all manual entry. Name and Value are self-explanatory. Start and End are the days
in which you were clearing the bonus. Total is a running tally I keep of how much I have made in bonus money.
Net/Bonus is how much you made playing poker while you cleared the bonus and then that number plus the value
of the bonus.
Under the Average header, there is the (Net dollars)/(# of days played), (Net dollars)/(# of days in the month),
(Net dollars)/(100 Hands)

The Rakeback section is used as follows. Payments you received during this month for play from previous months
get summed up on the left side, and then subtracted from this month’s net. (Ex. in the picture there is one RB
payments from UltimateBet on Jan 13th.) Payments you received for play from this month during the next month gets
summed up on the right side, and added to this month’s net. (Ex. somewhere in Feb, there was a RB payment of two dollars).

I use the cell coloring on days to make it easy to see what days I played, what game and what site.

byHandsPt1 & byHandsPt2 are graphs of each half of the year with the X axis in terms of hands played.
YrPt1 & YRPt2 are graphs of each half of the year with the X axis in terms of days.
There is then a graph of each month with the X axis in terms of days.
All of these graphs have linear trend-lines already setup.

There is one Macro within the file (Tools>Macro>Macros…). It is called “DailyTotals” will give you total lose
and total win figures for the year. These values will be placed at the bottom of the YearPt2 tab.

Download Spread Sheet

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