Lacrosse Website – It Lives

The SaintNov 8th, 2007Posted by The Saint on

In just over 5 months since I mentioned I was designing a website for the lacrosse team, the day has come that it has been unveiled to the world. As usual, a bunch of things were found to need fixing in addition to the things I knew still had to be done.

Go check it out. Northeastern Men’s Lacrosse

I’d say try everything out, but I don’t think the captains would appreciate the random emails they would get if the contact for was used without really being directed at the team.

The Lacrosse Website

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…is not up yet and it is not my fault. My end of the website is done. There are a few subjective style changes that could be made, but everything runs.

The reason why the website has not been published yet is because Northeastern Club sports is being slow in giving the team access to server space. Last Monday I sent an email asking for server space. Of the two people that received this email, one emailed me back saying that it was the other person’s responsibility, as he is our supervisor. The reply also stated that all our supervisor had to do was fill out a form online so that the request could be processed.

I did not have any other contact with the team supervisor until I went to talk to him last Friday. He clearly wouldn’t have done anything if I hadn’t gone to see him. He seemed to just vaguely remember that I had sent the earlier email. While I am in his office, he fills out the form and says “next business day, it should be ready”. Next business day means Monday, so I have to wait a few more days.

Monday comes and goes. Tuesday comes and goes. Still no response from our supervisor. On Wednesday I sent an email asking for an update on the status. Again there is no response, so I sent another email Friday morning saying I would be coming by his office to talk to him. He was not in his office at all on Friday.

Better late than never

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Lacrosse, The Website

The bad news is I’ve been back from San Diego for two weeks.
The good news is that we ran house while we were there.
San Diego State – 14-6
UC San Diego – 14-6
U of San Diego – 10-9
Arizona – 10-4
Thanks to this trip we moved up from #15 to #9 in the Polls. Also, our goalie was named player of the week. (link)
To check us out as the rest of the season goes go here.

California was amazing. I have know idea why I used to always say, “I don’t know if I could live with never seeing snow again” for all these years. If you are ever in San Diego, go to Mission Beach and find a place called Taco Surf. You will thank me later.

Another thing you might have noticed is I am not hiding my blog anymore. It’s now right up front on the main domain. It’s the way it was meant to be. It also allowed me to spurs up some of the other pages I had before I started the blog. There is some small back-end things that need to be ironed out, but you guys don’t care about that.

Which of course in German means a whale’s vagina

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This page is experiencing technical issues. I apologize for the inconvenience.

So Busy

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It’s almost time for the lacrosse spring break trip. Which means that they are working us harder than ever. Haven’t posted recently because of that and I’ve been focusing on trying to finish coding a new feature I want to add to my blog (It will let you easily browse through all the music I have listed in past entries). Still a few more kinks, but (hopefully) should be up soon.

I miss my dog.

Sorry for the blurs, stupid camera phone.

3 top 25 teams in less than 48 hrs

The SaintFeb 21st, 2006Posted by The Saint on

One new list on the website before I head of for St Louis. Florida proved itself humorous, hopefully the same will hold true here. And for all those that care, TPRS is in the works. A lot more coding is needed, but it’s definitely happening.