A Story of Stuff

This guy was walking down the street and he saw this stuff off in an alley. He went over to look at the stuff. When he got there it turned out to be really cool stuff. So he thought to himself, “Man, I should take this really cool stuff home to show my family.”

He took the really cool stuff home with him and his family loved it. The son was like “Man, this is really great cool stuff!”

The family decided to invite the really great cool stuff to live with them. The really great cool stuff accepted the offer because the family was really nice. They went on with their lives, with the addition of the really great cool stuff.

Life was great; the really great cool stuff helped the son out with his homework and helped the mother out with the dishes.

However … one day, the really great cool stuff didn’t come home. The family was really concerned about what happened to their really great cool stuff. They made flyers and searched around the neighborhood looking for the really great cool stuff. The daughter asked her friends if they had seen the really great cool stuff, but sadly, they had not seen any really great cool stuff in a long time.

Finally, the family had to give up the search and tried to move on with their lives. But, it was difficult with the hole that had been once filled by the really great cool stuff.

Then, one day after school, the son was taking a shortcut on the way home. When he was cutting through the back alley he saw this pile of stuff. He went over to check it out. Now this stuff looked familiar, however something was def wrong with this stuff. He brought the semi-familiar stuff home to show the family. They, too, all agreed that this stuff was familiar but was def different in some way from the really great cool stuff they had known.

The father went around town asking people if they knew what happened to this stuff. It turned out that this WAS their really great cool stuff! However, he had gotten involved in some not-so really great cool stuff and had over dosed in the alley and died.