My first and only entry

i made this just so i could get my pic to show up in a friend’s live journal. it’s not that i wouldn’t be able to keep an active journal, it’s more that i already have my own website (www.VisitTheSaint.Com), so a live journal is sort of bland in comparison.

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  • Saddlepoint Says:

    Fuck you, “bland”.

  • Saddlepoint Says:

    That sentence contained 18 words, and 13 of them are real.

  • The Saint Says:

    ok, bland was the wrong word. many ppl have very active and very interesting blogs. but we need to acknowledge that most blogs r not as noteworthy as a website that someone made on their own.

  • The Saint Says:

    yes, u r a genius and i would nt have made this imense step without ur input. thanks

  • Mxmvlcty Says:


    …to me for being such a genius.


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