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Went to Seaside to visit Lilly and stay with her family because they came from Florida to New Jersey to go to the beach. As a result, I got a nice little sunburn on my back. I decided to turn to the power of MS Paint to show something and try and see if we could figure out how this happened.
The following is a picture of my back.
The orange section is the sunburn. Everything outside of the sunburn is my pale white irish skin. Everything outside of the blue circle is parts of my back I can touch. Everything outside of the green circle is the parts of my back which I have since successfully lathered with lotion. Can some one explain to me how I managed to miss such a big section of my back, when I can clearly cover most of my back?

Another point of interest is the fact that I met a guy that is that knows two of my best friends, yet neither of these friends have met each other.

All weekend Sci-Fi ran a Twilight Zone marathon (excluding the hour of 10pm last night, that was wrestling). I’ve never really watched any episodes before so it was very interesting. The show does lots of suspense and loves endings. So, with no surprised, I really enjoyed it.
“The Hitch-Hiker” – I was expecting more out of the sailor. When he learned of the man, he seemed like he was uneasy because of the man, turns out it was just the woman that was putting him off.
“The Bewitchin’ Pool” – The voice-overs were really distracting.
“Uncle Simon” – OH MY GOD, PWNED!!!
“To Serve Man” – Unfortunately, only got to see the end. Tasty, imo.
“Number Twelve Looks Just like You” – Very good. People need to learn how to hide better.
I saw a couple others, looking forward to seeing more.

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