My Bankroll, The Ride (22 of 26)

So you can go here to see how well I fared during the black out. That apparently used all the like I had for the day. My external hard disk decided to un-format itself. At the moment my music is still safe on my ipod, though it would be a pain if I had to extract the music from there. All the pictures I had stockpiled in the last 3 years are gone as well as all my schoolwork from the last two years. Looking into data rescue options. I’m apparently in the best situation you could be in if you just had a disk become inaccessible. I can still start my computer since the OS is on the unaffected disk. Also nothing has been written to corrupt the data. Updates to follow.

Now for the fun part. I started playing 100nl (6max) in the beginning of February. I started with a pretty good run. But then , the fact that I don’t know how to play made itself know. The bellow graph is my play since the start of 100nl. WWWEEEEE!!!!
all 100nl 6max

At about 22 thousand hands I noticed I had just hit a milestone in hand count. Then noticed the big red numbers on the screen. (The sick thing is tanks to bonuses and rakeback, I managed to almost be in the black for that stretch.) Based on this I went and stopped by 2+2 and begged for comments (link).

As you might notice, I’m doing well since then. I’m not gonna say all of that is me playing well, but I did pick up a lot from my 20k Checkup. There was a lot of hands that I wasn’t raising nearly enough pre-flop. I wasn’t paying enough attention to when I was continuing on the flop. I was continuing A LOT. All this comes together to mean I get myself in a lot of tough spots with weak holdings. Getting called when I’m behind and not getting called with my strong hands.

I’m a little hesitant to start seriously looking at playing 200nl, but I’m close to the right roll and from what random times I played, I didn’t see a lot of difference.

Here’s to Poker and Playing Well. Note: not to good luck, to playing well.

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  • The Saint Says:

    He needs to be able to sign on first.

    I’m getting the 2p2 adserver errors, but it’s not really affecting load times.

  • The Saint Says: – free for download. [Edit: went down, the install file can be found here.]

    Based on my experience, I’d advise against playing .05/.10. I generally refer to that level as the Black Hole. Anyone that plays there gets pulled in and stays for a long time. I played at the level twice. Once building my roll and then again when .10/.25 was not working out so well. Learning how to play there isn’t very good for learning out to play no limit. You can get some bad habits that happen to be profitable since the average played is so bad.

    I already got most of what they said and have had time to think about it over the last month. But it’s always nice to see it again to enforce the points. When I get home I’ll be able to post my stats over the 4k hands since then, and they should look much better. And you are right on the money about me having not changed my play enough from fr to 6max. I loosened up some, but in the wrong ways.
    I play 6max because the players are worse and easier take advantage of when you know what you are doing (which I did for the vast majority of my run with 100nl). Also there are a lot more tough decisions since you have to play more hands and I like the challenge. I never play 4 tables and only occasionally play 3. I find that spreads myself too thing and I am more reliant on the stats I have on a person and am doing less observation on my own.
    The comment about moving up soon is sort of relative. I want to get in at least another 4 or 5 thousand hands at 100 no matter what my bankroll is. And even then I’m probably going to wait longer than the 20 buy-in rule.

  • Saddlepoint Says:

    I am very rich.

  • Will Says:

    omg, 2+2 has it’s gay adserv problem again where like five million windows freeze the computer if I browse for a few minutes.

  • Will Says:

    sarno, I request you move up to 30/60 o8 and post a trip report.

  • Will Says:


  • joepro Says:

    Do I need poker tracker first to use poker patterns?

  • joepro Says:

    That software is pretty amazing, i gots to get me some of that. Don’t ask me to analyze this, though. I am trying to learn no limit by playing $.05/.10 on party. Of course it is impossible for me to read this and not give my opinion, so here it goes. I read the thread on 2+2, and those guys seem to know what they are talking about, so I will summarize what they said imo.

    You are playing way too tight, esp. for 6 handed. You talk about moving up in stakes and they say you should move down. You like playing big hands fast (which is normal) but you don’t want to give them up (AK and AJ).

    It sounds to me like you did well in a full ring game so you decided to go to a 6 handed game with the same strategy. The blinds come around way too fast in 6 handed, so it’s not too conducive to a tight style. Additionally, since you are tight, the only time people play against you is when they are strong.

    That was just summarizing what they said on 2+2, now here’s where my opinion comes in. Why do you want to play 6-handed? If you want more action, why not multi-table at lower stakes? You will see more hands, and being tight won’t hurt you as much. I could be dead wrong but just a suggestion.


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