Road to Robusto, or Why I No Longer have Hair, or My Last Day of Legal Online Poker?

The SaintSep 30th, 2006Posted by The Saint on

A little over 2 months ago I posted this. I talked about how I used to suck at poker, how I was doing a lot better, and what my plans were for moving to 200nl. Since that post I deiced, to prove to myself that I could beat the level, that I would not play 200nl until I had a winning career for 100nl. Things have been going well since then. A little over a week ago I realized that I was only a few buy-ins away from reaching my goal. I was going to just hold out until I crossed the line and then make one post that was just the graph and “Ship it, Holla!”, then today happened.

Around 4:30 I started up some tables and got to playing, like any normal day. 400+ hands later, I was carrying a nice little average of 50+ big blinds per 100 hands. Holla! Well the rush didn’t exactly stop. The following is the graph of my total winnings vs hands for the day.
holla graph

Key Hands: All hands are 6 handed unless noted.

269: KK (BB), 2 limps, raise to 5, 1 caller(MP).
8dJh5h, I bet 7 into 12, call
9d I bet 18 into 26, call
8c I bet 32 into 62, push, (I am covered and have 100 left) I fold
325: J2 (BB), 4 limps, I check
2JA, I bet 3 into 5, Villain pushes 90 (he has been doing this repeatedly in the last few orbits), I call
He shows AQs (better than I would have guessed), my J2 holds.

430: Table is dying, only 3 dealt in
SB raises to 2, I call with AJs
7JA, SB bets 2 into 4, I call
J, SB bets 4 into 8, I call
2, SB bets 10 into 16, I raise to 30, SB pushes, I call for another 70.
SB shows JT

431: Different table
AK (mp) raise to 4, button pushes for 18 (vpip 60% /pfr 28%), bb calls for 15 (vpip 40% /pfr 7%), I call
button shows Q3s, BB shows 88, K on the flop

465: AA (utg) raise to 4, 2 callers
5d8dTs, SB bets 4 into 12, I raise to 12, CO (vpip 50%) pushes for 76, I call
CO shows 97o.
He says “bullshit” and leaves.

here to 990:
I honestly can’t remember at this point. Assume it was crazy and ridiculous. All my tables for the day had average vpip’s of at min 35, many 40s, and at least one 50. The ups are most likely me flopping sets, I did that a lot.

C-Bet semi-bluff draw versus calling station doesn’t come.
C-Bet semi-bluff draw, C-Bet Turn semi-bluff draw versus calling station doesn’t come.

1312: KK (button) folds to me, raise to 4, BB (vpip 60%/pfr 7%) min-raises to 8, I call
436, BB bets 36 into 16, I push for a total of 100, he calls with AT
turn: T
river: 9

1384: 99 (utg) raise to 4, folds to BB (vpip 30%/pfr 10%) who min-raises to 8, I call
5c9dTd: BB bets 15 into 16, I call
3d: BB bets 40 into 46, I push for a total of 75, BB insta calls and shows AA
river: Ad
He says (without any promt) “f u all, Aces are the better hand”
I go for a walk.

1400: I get AA to KK, he reraises preflop, its all in on the flop.

Total Net: $292, 19.62bb/100, I’m roughly a buyin away from moving up.

Or am I?
Our friend in Washington were very active today. The Internet Gambling bill got attached onto the Port Security bill. Terrorism Bad, Bill (probably officially by now) destined to pass. A good number of people give good speeches saying this is bullshit and then vote for the bill because you are a terrorist if you vote against Port Security.

I am really tired. I need to be awake really early. I should have been asleep when my AA ran into KK.