Light Grenades

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Album out in a week.
incubus light grenades

incubus tickets

You know how I know…

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I procrastinate too much?

Stumble Online Games

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this screen.

Patrick's Guide to Forgeting About Your Downswing

The SaintNov 8th, 2006Posted by The Saint on

So, it had seemed like I was starting to work back after a bad downsizing. Turns out the downswing isn’t quite done yet. So, I’ve taken the following steps to not think about it’s existence.

Step 1: Find something else in your life that is worse.
This is where my Electronics class comes in. First midterm was below the class average(15% of the class grade). First project looks like it will probably get a similar score (10%). Tomorrow is the second midterm. (Don’t ask me why the school calls them midterms when there are more than one of them.) I also no intention of working with building circuits and electronic systems, so I am not interested by this class. There is a high probability that this class will be the worst grade I have ever gotten for a class.

Step 2: Find someone who is doing worse than you in poker.
Grimstarr. Yeah, what can I say? You go to my school, but I’ve never met you. Your self-control is so bad that you told people you would give them $100 if they saw you playing higher than $25/$50 NL. Despite the fact that you have played in games where the blinds are equal to what I bring to the table, I feel I am a better player because I know when to say when. I don’t know how much you are down or how long it has been over, but I’m sure that when scaled it’s worse than me and more within your control.

Step 3: Buy something nice.
dell 2007fp

PS – I just realized the biggest drawer of my dresser has been empty all year. WTF!

How I know the World is Doomed

The SaintNov 1st, 2006Posted by The Saint on

It’s interview season for all the students going on COOP in January (myself included). Within the last week I’ve been asked 3 times how to tie a tie. If your dad didn’t teach you how to do that at any point before college, I don’t want to think about what else he didn’t teach you.

One interview today and another one in the works. I’m so ready to be done with classes. Pay checks are also nice.