Patrick's Guide to Forgeting About Your Downswing

So, it had seemed like I was starting to work back after a bad downsizing. Turns out the downswing isn’t quite done yet. So, I’ve taken the following steps to not think about it’s existence.

Step 1: Find something else in your life that is worse.
This is where my Electronics class comes in. First midterm was below the class average(15% of the class grade). First project looks like it will probably get a similar score (10%). Tomorrow is the second midterm. (Don’t ask me why the school calls them midterms when there are more than one of them.) I also no intention of working with building circuits and electronic systems, so I am not interested by this class. There is a high probability that this class will be the worst grade I have ever gotten for a class.

Step 2: Find someone who is doing worse than you in poker.
Grimstarr. Yeah, what can I say? You go to my school, but I’ve never met you. Your self-control is so bad that you told people you would give them $100 if they saw you playing higher than $25/$50 NL. Despite the fact that you have played in games where the blinds are equal to what I bring to the table, I feel I am a better player because I know when to say when. I don’t know how much you are down or how long it has been over, but I’m sure that when scaled it’s worse than me and more within your control.

Step 3: Buy something nice.
dell 2007fp

PS – I just realized the biggest drawer of my dresser has been empty all year. WTF!

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