The Invisible Man

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Presently, I have 4 roommates. Pratik, Justin, Sang and Mike. Pratik, Justin, Mike and I have not seen Sang in a month.

Sang was always a quite kid and kept to himself during the fall. Would always go straight for his room and close the door when coming back from class or where ever. But you would still see him entering, leaving, going to the bathroom, or on occasion getting food. All that has stopped.

The last time I can remember seeing him was before I left for spring break. When I came home from work Sang and one of his friends were working on something at the table. The friend said Hi, Sang did nothing. After I had put down my things, I went and talked to Justin about how this was such a big thing that he was in the suite, but outside of his room for an extended period of time.

Now down to the detective work. There is no foul smell coming from his room, so we can assume that he is not dead in there. His ethernet cable is still hooked up in the living room. His outlet didn’t work so he had to use the living room one and snake it into his room. Since he is a Computer Science major, it can be assumed that he would not move out and forget his ethernet cable.

Updates to follow if there are any breaks in the case.

Better late than never

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Lacrosse, The Website

The bad news is I’ve been back from San Diego for two weeks.
The good news is that we ran house while we were there.
San Diego State – 14-6
UC San Diego – 14-6
U of San Diego – 10-9
Arizona – 10-4
Thanks to this trip we moved up from #15 to #9 in the Polls. Also, our goalie was named player of the week. (link)
To check us out as the rest of the season goes go here.

California was amazing. I have know idea why I used to always say, “I don’t know if I could live with never seeing snow again” for all these years. If you are ever in San Diego, go to Mission Beach and find a place called Taco Surf. You will thank me later.

Another thing you might have noticed is I am not hiding my blog anymore. It’s now right up front on the main domain. It’s the way it was meant to be. It also allowed me to spurs up some of the other pages I had before I started the blog. There is some small back-end things that need to be ironed out, but you guys don’t care about that.

Which of course in German means a whale’s vagina

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