A Present for Elsa

The SaintApr 24th, 2007Posted by The Saint on

My friend Elsa is doing her coop at home in Tennessee. Because of this I missed her birthday and never actually got her a present. On her blog, she recently mention that she had just upgraded her car[link]. To make up for waiting so long, I decided that I would take the time to add a few alteration to her car so that she could enjoy it more.

For those that are lazy, here is what her car looks like now. It is a Toyota Corolla.
Elsa's Car

Here is the new and improved Elsa-mobile.
For those that are lazy, here is what her car looks like now.
Elsa's New Car

What America Means to You

The SaintApr 15th, 2007Posted by The Saint on

This is something that has bugged me since was first made aware of the phenomena. The item in question is a segment of a Dave Cheppelle sketch in which Snoop Dogg recites an essay he wrote while high when posed the following question. What America Means to You? This was part of a larger sketch entitled “The Weed Olympics”. It involved amateur and professional stoners were pitted against one another to perform specified tasks. The amateurs were college students and the professionals were rappers, Snoop Dogg and one other whom I can not remember.

The phenomena in question is not that the sketch existed, but the fact that there is close to no record of it’s existence.

Searching the internet using various combinations of snoop dogg, dave chappelle, america, and means to you, no transcripts or video footage has been found. In my most recent attempts to find the full text of Snoop Dogg’s essay, I found two page to do acknowledge it’s existence.

Within Opentopia’s encyclopedia, there is an article on Chappelle’s Show. In the article’s comments on the DVD Releases, it mentions that:

“Some material from the show, such as What America Means to You did not make either DVD set and is as of yet unreleased.”

The Wikimedia article on Chappelle’s Show makes no mention of the sketch, but does mention that Snoop Dogg was a “Frequent or notable guest stars.”

From there we move to the biggest find to date. On a personal webpage (listed as belonging to the user “gilgamesh”), we have an actual excerpt from the essay. I will leave you with the words of this great lyricist in hope that his words will inspire others to dig deeper in to this mystery and see what else can be uncovered.

“…Chuuch, tabanacle, titty 1, titty 2, the prophet Eli. My mental gymnastics will flip you like an Aunt Jemima flapjack. Now, how ’bout that?”

Home For the Weekend

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After my parents went to sleep, I looked to see what they had saved on the Tivo that was good. I wasn’t quite in the mood for a Magnum PI marathon, so I watched an episode of Planet Earth.

The episode I watched was called “Pole to Pole” and was basically very very awesome. Even though I’ve seen it before, it’s still sick to watch the slow motion shots of great whites jumping in the air to catch a seal. The most entertaining thing from the episode was either the polar bear sliding down the snow when she first came out of her den after hibernating or watching the elephants swim and play underwater.

The most interesting part of the episode was the fact that they had footage of a pack of African dogs that hunted as a group. Just seeing them start as one group, then fan out to flank the antelope before the one leader chased part of the herd into the trap that was set.

However the episode was not all fun and games. There was one extremely depressing shot of a baby elephant who was almost blinded by a dust storm. This caused him to loose sight of his mother, all he had was her tracks to follow. Then the camera pulls back and show that he is walking the wrong way. Heading back to the desert, away from his family and away from water.

Hopefully I have enough time to watch a bunch more before I head back to Boston.

The Invisible Man (The Update)

The SaintApr 2nd, 2007Posted by The Saint on

For all those who where waiting patiently for the answer of what happened to my roommate, the answer is here.

He’s alive!

His visibility returned to “normal” the middle of last week. Justin talked to him about it. The reason why we didn’t see him was because he wasn’t there. He wasn’t even on the same continent. He had gone home to Korea to spend some time with his family.

I was hoping that there would be some huge Scooby-Doo mystery behind it, but you can’t win them all.