Not a Word

The SaintSep 6th, 2011Posted by The Saint on
1001 Movies


An actress has been hospitalized because she has stopped speaking, despite not having a diagnosable ailment. A young nurse is assigned to take care of the woman. Based on the doctor’s advice, Elisabet and Alma head to a beach house so Elisabet can rest and recover. Despite the conversations being heavily one-sided, we learn a lot about the two woman and watch as their relationship changes while at the beach house.

The film is very minimalist. There are only a handful of characters, few props and the costumes are either white or black. All of this comes together to provide a very powerful package. Despite a lack of flashiness, I enjoyed the movie a lot and was struck by a few of the shots. My favorite was when Elisabet slowly walks in to the bedroom from the darkness, but that moves to another room that is washed with light.