So Busy

It’s almost time for the lacrosse spring break trip. Which means that they are working us harder than ever. Haven’t posted recently because of that and I’ve been focusing on trying to finish coding a new feature I want to add to my blog (It will let you easily browse through all the music I have listed in past entries). Still a few more kinks, but (hopefully) should be up soon.

I miss my dog.

Sorry for the blurs, stupid camera phone.

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  • The Translucent Man Says:

    1) This entire setup – functionally and aesthetically – is really, really impressive.

    1a) Is all the seriousness really necessary? What with registering and a comment filter and stuff?

  • The Saint Says:

    1) Thank you. I spent a lot of time on both aspects.
    1a) Honestly, yes. Making people register helps prevent spamming, let’s you edit comments that might have had errors, and lets me keep track of some other things. It also made back-logging all the comments easier. The comment filtering helps protect the site from other people posting:

    • HTML code that would break my layout
    • Malicious scripts that could steal information from users
    • Malicious code that could destroy my database and even give some one full control of my server.

    Do you want the log-in and password of the account all your other comments are under or are you cool with this one?

  • The Translucent Man Says:

    I didn’t realize there was an account set up for the earlier comments, I’d prefer posting under that one if that’s okay. I’m cool either way.

  • The Translucent Man Says:

    Tell me what you think of this spot for a bluff.

    orajul ($37.30)

    kippe posts the small blind of $0.25
    corbin801 posts the big blind of $0.50

    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to Hypercube101 [8c 9c]

    (1 fold)
    orajul calls $0.50
    Hypercube101 calls $0.50
    (3 folds)
    corbin801 checks

    *** FLOP *** [2c Qh 5c]

    corbin801 checks
    orajul checks
    Hypercube101 bets $1
    corbin801 folds
    orajul raises to $3
    Hypercube101 calls $2

    *** TURN *** [2c Qh 5c] [6s]

    orajul bets $5
    Hypercube101 calls $5

    *** RIVER *** [2c Qh 5c 6s] [Ad]

    orajul bets $5.50

  • Mxmvlcty Says:

    aw, he’s such a cute dog.

  • Mxmvlcty Says:

    sorry, she.


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