The SaintNov 16th, 2005Posted by The Saint on
The Website

I just put up new content on my website. It’s been a while, but there is now new stuff.

I guess i’m gonna make a few more post when ever i make major update, or just updates based on how far apart the last 3 have been. if anything it will keep the comments ppl aren’t leaving organized.

I know i said i would not post again,…

The SaintOct 28th, 2005Posted by The Saint on
The Website

but due to the fact that my website’s Guestbook has decided to not work or be repaired, this shall now be the Guestbook. I know, i really hate mooching off other sources to do things that i should be able to run on my own. but i have no time to figure the problem out and i feel my readers would prefer that i concentrate on content.

So, for those that have arrived here form www.VisitTheSaint.com, thanks for taking the time to let me know what u think about the site in the comments to this post.

For those who got to this page via some random LiveJournal trail of a comment i left or something, Welcome. I invite you to go look at my website, read the lists, the memos the stories and all the other obscure things i’ve deemed worthy of uploading.

My first and only entry

The SaintOct 16th, 2005Posted by The Saint on
The Website

i made this just so i could get my pic to show up in a friend’s live journal. it’s not that i wouldn’t be able to keep an active journal, it’s more that i already have my own website (www.VisitTheSaint.Com), so a live journal is sort of bland in comparison.

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