Congratulations, Will, on being the 1000th person to cause a tick on my sites counter. Your prize is 25 Biggest Fan Points and your name goes up on the wall. Additionaly congrats go out to you for being the 2nd person to actually claim the points you get for being a specific visitor on my website. With this one act you sky rocketed yourself passed two other people and placed yourself in 4th … ahh, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Well done.

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  • The Saint Says:

    ok, so this is what has happened since i last talked about it.

    • i’ve bookmarked all the things evan wrote on the journal during the planning and unveiling. it will be translated into a semi-formal presentation, or if i’m lazy i’ll just paste it in).
    • i set up an access database that will house, load and make calculations faster than what we used in excel.
    • i’m working on getting the excel file on my computer so i can start loading all the data into the db that evan had loaded into the excel. (this is happening as i post).

    once i get all that, i’m gonna look into seeing if i want to tackle server side db commands, and that would let u look up random shit like how many points ivey got for each of his 5k tourneys. if i’m lazy or think its way to much work, i will just post a list of every tourney used to calculate the scores and the list of PotY ’05.
    i have spent an hr or two kicking around with asp and php tutorials, so there is a chance i might tackle the sever-side calcs.

    and as always, we r never satisfied with what the actual formula is. evan is planning to lock him self in a bunker for a month or until he get it perfect.

  • The Saint Says:

    that’s crazy. i forget how accessable these guys are at times.

    u r probly right about making tprs it’s own website. but then i’d need to find someone that can design a good looking website. i can program everything but just have no artisic vision.

  • joepro Says:

    hey, when can we expect a live update of the tprs. Or for that matter, non-live updates. that would be cool. later.

  • joepro Says:

    That’s awesome. Last night I was on Full tilt poker, and there was a 25/50 no limit cash game where two of the players were John Juanda and the Grinder. I started to tell them how they were ranked #2 and #6 on the tprs, but then we all had to go. They were really cool about it. I think you guys should have a website, tprs.com or something. Later.

  • Saddlepoint Says:



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