Shawn Shieky, Tool imo

Everyone should go get the Time Lapse Consortium CD. It’s an Incubus side project from like a year ago. Picking one song was tough. In other news, thank you Todd Brunson for a great quote.

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  • The Saint Says:

    tough break. i’d send an angry letter, well, at least i’d say i was gonna send an angry letter.

    as for question, so far i have:
    is mimi tran good in bed?
    dude, u sure u don’t want to borrow my razor? i sware i’d be cool with it for a while, u know, until u got back on ur feet.

  • joepro Says:

    Hey guys, I’m giving up on Andy Block, needless to say I am disappointed that he never sent back my interview questions. I decided to try plan B, Barry Greenstein (don’t you love how I aim right for the top?) I was going to try fo r his son, Joe Sebok, then I said, what the hell, go for the man.

    This time, I will ask fewer questions, but they have to be unique, not something you see in the poker rags. My focus is usually poker on tv, I have a few things I would like to ask, especially regarding the WPT boycott and excessive number of large buy-in tournaments. What else do you guys want to know?

  • joepro Says:

    What was the exact quote? Something like “he’s a terrible player and I’m going to take all his money?”

  • Saddlepoint Says:

    Shawn Sheikhan is an idiot and is probably going to lose all his money.


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