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Was gonna make this when the story broke to the news, but Hawking has a K in it and I wasn’t going to try and work around that.

Ok, Stephen Hawking thinks we need to start thinking about making space communities. He’s right in the fact that Earth is getting more and more screwed. (I can’t go into more about that without being a hippie, so I push forward.)

Yes his IQ quite big, but has he watched any Sci-Fi movies. At minimum, 50% of them are about one race of space creatures who over used their planet and then needed to go somewhere new. It never works out. If we do this, the armed forces need to have nothing to do with it. We are going to run into another creature that is as smart as some creatures that reside on Earth and they are not going to be happy when we start moving in.

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  • The Saint Says:

    Sup Stewie?

  • The Saint Says:

    My favorite quote from an composition on the subject was when an author described the future communities as being “… like Little House on the Prairie, except with more dust and less ginger kids.”

    Yes, I know. But I decided that since it was a quote, I am permit the appearance of the item in question. In addition, it is a comment, which means it counts as not the same amount.

  • Mxmvlcty Says:

    “Hawking’s ‘work has been highly theoretical physics, not in astrophysics or global politics or anything like that,’ Winn added. ‘He is certainly stepping outside his research domain.'”

    omfg, shut up. he’s Stephen Hawking. aside from the fact that his work has been highly THEORETICAL PHYSICS, not, like, finger painting, that’s like, “nyeeaah…you’re not enough of a genius to know that we’re fucking the planet.” whatever.

  • Will Says:

    pat imo.


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