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Since we last talked, I’ve been keeping busy. I have been doing all of the things I enjoy. Started playing poker again (and had a winning day), watching movies, playing video games, programing and hanging out with friends. I’m halfway through with my vacation and I plan on doing more of the same in the next two weeks. Everything, except the last thing I mentioned, is going to be taking a hit because I will be going on a trip that involves 6 planes, 2 4-hour car rides, 1 4-hour layover, a bunch of amusement parks and two weddings. The day after all this ends is my first day of work and the rest of my life.

Like I said, I’ve been watching movies, but have seen more off the list than on.
For the on category we have:
The Thing
Angles with Dirty Faces
North by Northwest
Harold and Maude

For the off category we have:
Sukiyaki Western Django
Dial M for Murder
To Catch a Thief
Dan in Real Life
Star Trek
The Killing
Mean Creek
Dear Zachary
Synecdoche, New York

Ok, I thought it was much less balanced, but I didn’t lie to you. A lot of these were hard to watch. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, more that they were extremely emotional or twisted, or both.

Crumb – It is about the underground comic artist Robert Crumb, but ends up being depiction of all the mental disabilities of him and his brothers.

Happiness – Despite the title, there is not a single happy person in this movie, very twisted and dark.

Harold and Maude – A really great movie about an unlikely relationship between a 19 year old boy and 79 year old woman. The hardest part of this was that the film opens with a fake suicide by Harold that I didn’t know were fake at the time. Once things were explained and I had a better feel for the movie, I enjoyed it.

Dan in Real Life – This movie stars Steve Carell and Dane Cook, it is not a comedy. You need to know this before you start or else you will not enjoy this film and you should.

Mean Creek
– It’s Deliverance, except no banjo kid or squealing and everyone is younger then 18. What it lacks in original story it makes up for in performances and cinematography.

Dear Zachary – Wow, I still don’t even know what to say. A documentary about a woman who kills the father of her unborn child, flees to Canada, and how the legal system (mis)handles everything. Seriously hard to watch because just when you think you have gotten a handle on how messed up things are, something more comes. It is very well done and worth watching, just be ready.

On that note, we’ll turn back to me and talk about progress. I’m at 199 and chugging along. The first milestone of 250 will be just about in time for my birthday. I’ve also managed to bring the projected completion date into late 2015 instead of early 2016.

EDIT: I forgot about 8 1/2, which is on the list. So I guess I did lie, but it’s a lot of movies and hard to keep track of them all.

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