Three Months Ago My Best Friend Left…

But he didn’t say goodbye. In a way, it almost works because he gave me so much that he will always be with me. With the exception of my parents, Evan is the one person who had the most influence on who I am as a person. From my interest in poker, to my love for movies, to development of my sense of humor, he effected me greatly. However, the one area that is most easily quantifiable is music. Growing up, I didn’t really listen to much music. While I had started liking some bands before I met him, Evan turned me on to so many more.

Bands That I Would Not be Listening to Now If It Wasn’t For Evan
Nine Inch Nails (My favorite band who we saw together live)
The Beatles (Arguably the best band ever)
Radiohead (His favorite band)
A Perfect Circle
Fiona Apple
My Bloody Valentine
The Pixies
Smashing Pumpkins
The Strokes

Honorable mention to Spoon. I only had their two most recent albums and didn’t know they had more and he only had their first two and hadn’t heard the new songs.

Those 16 bands make up exactly 25% of the albums I listen to and the percentage is slightly higher if you do it by number of songs. Take that and the fact that I listen to at least 40 hours of music a week to understand how frequently I am given a reminder.

Evan, you will always be with me despite the fact that you are not here.

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