I saw you standing in my headlights Blink, Blink, Blink

On Saturday I saw Incubus for the third time. Despite the fact that this tour is for a greatest hits album and not a new one, the show still rocked. Maybe more so, as they were not tied down to play all the new tracks.

Pardon Me
Nice to Know You
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Just a Phase
Drive – acoustic
Make Yourself – acoustic
Dig – remix
A Certain Shade of Green
Oil and Water
Kiss to Send Us Off
Wish You Were Here
Aqueous Transmission

Are You In?
Lets Go Crazy

If you check that list, there is a whole lot of Morning View in there, which is a good thing because it is my favorite album (right now). I loved the acoustic break. Live shows give the artist an opportunity to add some wrinkles to their songs and that is what they did. To be fair, these are wrinkles that have been well tested, but it was still a nice interlude.

Once again Mike that he is really good at guitar. I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. He is very good soloing and the groove that Incubus has gotten into with their studio songs doesn’t let him show it fully. When you seem him in concert, he surprises you.

Continuing with that last thought, we have to talk about Let’s Go Crazy. This song is a cover of Prince and they actually recorded the track for the album. That being said, I had never heard this song before. So when I was bouncing my head to it, it was a new feeling and I was always trying to figure out what was coming next. What was coming next was an amazing guitar solo. As we were walking out, I said that the solo “melted my face off:” That’s how shocking, awesome and amazing it was. If you want to listen to it, find the live video as the studio version does not have the same emotion to it.

I would have liked to hear Sick Sad Little World again because of the amazing solo or Vitamin with the drum session interlude. But I’ve experienced those already, so I don’t mind getting something different. Especially since we got Warning, one of their best songs ever.

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