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Been kind of slacking on my movie list. I’ve slipped to a movie every 3.13, I was at about 3 even in May. But I still am making progress and am at 216. Most recently I watched All the President’s Men and Cool Hand Luke. Both were good, the latter being very much so. I’ve got Rosemary’s Baby and A Night at the Opera here from Netflix, so hopefully I get through both this weekend.

Tonight I watched Primer a second time, I still don’t know how everything pieces together quite yet. However, some one has documented it. Don’t read through it if you haven’t seen it, but you can look to confirm it’s confusing-ness. It’s very well done and the actors are the people actually making the movie too.

In other news, work is going well. The thing I’m working on is very likely about to become much larger and will keep me very busy. While working I’m making some good progress on my For Review folder of music. However most of the progress has been bands I’ve decided not to keep around. One of the non-ill-fated bands is Ozomatli. Think Flobots, but take the string instruments and replace them with Latin influences. I also have a place to live for the next year, so that’s good

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