Barefoot during the day

The Barefoot Contessa
Humphrey Bogart (Harry Dawes) and Ava Gardner (Maria Vargas) star in a story about a woman who is picked to be the fresh new face of Hollywood. It’s not much surprise that she takes to Harry instead of the egotistical producer. However, Harry and Maria’s relationship is not a physical one. Instead the film follows Maria on her quest for true love, a true prince.
Bogart and Gardner both play their roles to a t. My only complaint is that the “this only happens in movies” lines got old. I know Harry is a writer/director and that is what he knows, but it gets over played. Maybe I’ve just watched to many movies about show business recently (they all use the same line at some point).

Belle de Jour
Séverine Serizy is a young housewife who has trouble being intimate with her husband. After hearing of another woman who worked at a brothel, Séverine becomes curious and decides to become a prostitute. She is very shy at first, but begins to open up (at work and at home). However, when a gangster becomes a regular customer, the job begins to have a more direct effect on her life.

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