Contrary to belief, the 20th century wasn’t that bloody

The Barbarian Invasions

Despite the title of the movie and this post, the movie has very little blood. Rémy is a professor of history, a man who cheated on his ex-wife multiple times and a man dealing with terminal cancer. His son, Sébastien, is a successful financial analyst and strongly dislikes his father.

As the film progresses, Rémy and Sébastien are forced to spend time together as Sébastien works to get his father the best care possible. The film is all the audience learning about the characters’ histories and seeing them interact in the current situation. At times some of the conversations get a little heady, but Rémy and his friends spent their lives pursuing knowledge, so it is not surprising that they would still talk philosophy now. In the end, we watch as a dying man presents ideas on how to live life and it comes together well.

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