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So, I’m pretty tame when it comes to these things, but I’ve noticed something. When I talk about the people act ridiculously in this area, I generally talk about my inability to understand the people that party the entire weekend, every week. My present roommate is one of those kids. But I here him talk, and he says he can’t understand the people that drink or smoke every day of them week.

I assume that this process continues. Those that smoke everyday say that they only smoke weed, nothing hardcore. Then we pass through the people that only do hardcore drugs regularly, and move on to the people who are just constantly gone off hardcore drugs. But this brings us to a weird spot. Who are the people that the hardcore, always gone druggies think about and feel that, “Man those guys are ridiculously out of control”?

As a side note: The question was asked to my roommate last night, “Based on your connections, what’s the hardest drug you could get if you wanted it?” He hesitates. So I flipped it, “What can you NOT get?” Again he hesitates. So, if anyone wants anything, I have a connection.

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  • joepro Says:

    Good topic. I pretty much partied 6 nights a week when I was in college. One day off was enough. When I actually graduated and got into the real world, I partied 5 nights a week. Then, basically each year it would be one less night a week going out. Now, if I go out midweek, (which I will do occasionally) I can barely function the next day at work. I don’t think most kids drink as much as we did, probably because the pc colleges and parents are so strict. I would say today’s kids probably do more drugs, which is worse imo.

  • Mxmvlcty Says:

    let me get some mescaline.


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