Open letter to the world,

Dear World,

From now on, you are no longer allowed just look at me blankly when I say what my major is. Yes, it’s a hard major. Yes, it does imply that I am smarter than some people. However, this doesn’t mean I am on some huge other level above some of the other intellectually taxing professions. Just because you have a better general understanding of what a brain surgeon is doing doesn’t mean it’s an easier job.
It’s not even the assumed intelligence that bothers me, it’s the lack of response. Saying “That must be hard.” is better than you just staring.

Thank You.

PS Hey look, it’s Gary Coleman.
Gary Coleman

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  • The Saint Says:

    Computer & Electrical Engineering (Dual Major)
    [Edit: It’s now Computer Engineering with a Computer Science Minor.]

  • joepro Says:

    what’s your major?

  • Saddlepoint Says:

    When you say computer engineering, I always think:


    Not intimidating imo.


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