Ship It, HOLLA!!!

+.03 BB/100 BIOTCHES

100nl stats

100nl graph

This graph starts right after I cut through 50nl 6max like it was butter.
0-3k: Just some variance.
10k: See, it was variance.
16k: Could I run colder? (Note: At this point I haven’t looked at the graph of just hands. I was using the graph of my bankroll, which includes bonuses and rakeback.)
22k: (I look at the graph of my hands.) HOLY FUCKING SHIT!
I go to 2+2 and ask what I’m going wrong.
23k: OOHHH, now I get it.
30k: I can’t wait until I can start playing $1/$2. (I decided that even though I am bankrolled for $1/$2, I am going to wait until I have a winning career at 100nl before I move up.)
38k: Just 30 more dollars. I can taste it.
40k: WWWEEEEE!!! (I start thinking I suck at poker, but most of the big hands were actually not my fault.)
43k: Well at least that is over.
47k: OMG WTF!!!
53k: Wow, the poker gods really must feel bad about October.
54.8k: So close, I can stay up till I make it. (TERRIBLE DECISION)
56k: Not this again.
57k: Sunday players are my hero!!!

You can’t see it, but at about 56k I actually was +2 for like 1 hand and didn’t know it.
The end of the graph is very vertical. This is because I ran at 97.42 bb/100 from Friday until now.

Below is a graph and stats of what I did after the checkup with 2+2.

100nl stats after 20k check-up

100nl graph after 20k check-up

$15 dollars from poker + lots of bonuses + 40k hands with 28% rakeback.

If anyone wants lots of money, go look for me at the Stars $1/$2 6max NL tables.

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  • bbrown0707 Says:

    Keep us posted on how the 1/2 goes.

  • joepro Says:

    I posted my recent results as well:

    PT Stats

  • The Saint Says:

    Those stats are pretty sweet. Will you coach/stake me?

  • joepro Says:

    The stats ARE SWEEET! Don’t I wish. The stats are from the texaslimitking, aka Alex123 from 2+2, aka the swedish mensa kid I obsess about in my blog.


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