Coding and More Coding

The SaintMay 31st, 2007Posted by The Saint on
The Website

I’ve been really busy coding this week. Almost all of it is back-end things that you will not notice, but it will make me feel better. What I’m doing is re-writing the code that I’ve been using to list My Music Choices and my Lists so that they are written the way WordPress Plug-ins should be written.

This also became much easier when I learned how to use Xampp to run a local server for WordPress. This lets me test out all my code before I try and make it public for you to see. It’s better because it prevents me from bringing down my whole website because I had a bug in my code.

And since I’m never one to only have one project running at one time, I started kicking around some ideas of what I want to do with the website for my lacrosse team. I’m really excited about diving into this one because it will be my first website that has a real purpose and not just me adding things because I think the are neat. I also will get to design all these things that will make the webpage very dynamic and require very little input from which ever person on the team is in charge of updating the news items and such.