It’s Here!

The SaintMay 11th, 2007Posted by The Saint on

It all started over a year ago. My computer’s desktop was cluttered and I was repeatedly clicking the same four icons start my poker session. So I made PokerSelector. It was simple, it was good, it worked.

That was until I wanted to change something. Adding new things to the window was not hard, but it wasn’t clean and easy. I dealt with that fact for about a year. Then I said enough is enough.

I began work on The Opener. I set out to completely re-write PokerSelector so that it would be a dynamic window and fully customizable within the program itself. Two months of on again off again programing, sprinkled in during a great lacrosse season and a not so good run at poker, finally produced a result.

Today, I invite you to try out and use The Opener.